Brian Droste – guitars, vocals, harmonica
Eric LeVasseur – keyboards, vocals
Al Figurelli – drums
Phil DeBlanc – bass

XNTricks (pronounced “eccentrics”) was founded in 2007 in Southern California when singer/songwriter/guitarist Brian Droste met up with keyboardist Eric LeVasseur. Joined by drummer Al Figurelli and bassist Phil DeBlanc, they’ve forged the "XNTricks Sound" - a unique blend of rock, funk, blues, reggae, and other influences to create a sonic experience that melts into the mind and leaves the listener wanting more. Their songs have been described as “a movie for the ears.”

XNTricks have played hundreds of gigs throughout Southern California and have opened for a number of national acts. It’s no surprise that the band’s devotion to their performance and their own distinct style has earned them increasing popularity year after year.

Between gigs,
XNTricks spends its time recording new material, showcasing their variety and versatility.

Fueled by their momentum and sonic vision, now into their eighth year, and backed by a growing fan base and recorded albums,
XNTricks continue to move forward with more passion for their music and their fans than ever.

XNTricks. Not simply music... an experience.